Lima and Cusco Galleries Updated

I have finally been getting some of the images from Peru online… I’ve gotten most of the kinks worked out of the archives now and they seem to be functioning as desired so far. So, to test it out I have uploaded the first few batches of images from the Peru trip: Lima and also Cusco. More to come soon.

I spent some time at out at night is these cities and am really pleased with how some of those shots turned out. I think it’s really nice to see these locations in a little different light than most tourists’ photos tend to capture. There’s something really pleasing to me with the combination of the lights, colors, run down buildings, and most of all- the emptiness of what would at most times of the day be very crowded places.

Galleries Updated

Most of the portfolio content is now online, and I am pretty pleased with the result so far. I will be adding new work there from time to time, but for now I will begin to focus on uploading my archives. I hope that in the future I will have most of the archives available for viewing as well as adding the possibility for directly purchasing prints and configuring licensing options on the website. That will be a longer-term project though, since I’ve now spent now over a week getting the website up and running, getting the portfolio galleries online, and working out all the coding problems. Now, I have to get back to working on some other things for the moment and will have to let things here rest as they are for now- Hopefully not for too long though, since the new system will allow me for much easier updating and workflow once it’s all smoothed out.

New Website!

It was a long time coming, and quite a big undertaking, but Reciprocity Images finally has a fresh coat of paint to catch it up to the 21st century. After a few sleepless nights tweaking the code and setting up the new galleries, the site is now live- If you come along anything out of place or something that doesn’t work quite right, please let me know so I can look into it. I’ll be slowly adding to the galleries and fixing a few small bugs that are still running loose over the next few weeks, but perhaps from now on the site will be kept better updated in the future- That means no more looking at the same photos from five years ago! So, be sure to subscribe via RSS, or sign up for email updates to stay in touch and be notified whenever there’s new content.

Along with the new redesign, I will also implement the possibility to purchase prints and license images directly from the website as well as view a larger number of images in the archives. It’s something I have been considering for a long time now, so I hope that the effort and costs will be worth it in the end. So if you happen to have a blank space on your wall, or are looking for something for your next design project, check the galleries and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any specific needs.