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Well, it only took a month and a half, but finally a portion of my back archives are now online. That included quite a lot of content from a couple United States road trips (more to come eventually from last summer), as well as some photographs from my European travels from Czech Republic, France and most recently, Germany. Of course, there’s a lot more to come when (if) I ever have the time to sort through it all. After all, I realized it has been ten years now since I started traveling and taking photos (which is probably not a coincidence), so there’s literally years of work to go through… One day.

Also, I have added the possibility to buy prints directly from the archive page– This is still in testing, and I’m not sure if it will stick around as a long term solution, but for the time being I will keep it. You should see a link under each photo which will allow you to purchase prints. Print orders are fulfilled through Fotomoto, and I have ordered a couple of test prints and the quality is definitely very nice. The pricing structure is a little on the pricey side however, but if you ACT NOW you can get 25% off. How’s that for a sales pitch? Seriously, use coupon code 64AA04 at checkout. Limited time offer, and all that, so get it while it’s hot. Or something.

United States Galleries

Going forward, I still have a bit of work to do getting the rest of the Peru work finished! I should be able to finish that all up in the next few weeks, and then it’s on to the next big thing

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