Our visit to Arequipa was dominated by the lovely and wonderfully photogenic Monasterio Santa Catalina (Wiki). We had arrived there late in the day so that we could catch the afternoon light and explore during the one evening per week that the monastery is open at night. Unfortunately, just as we arrived we had to sit through an afternoon rainstorm that left the sky grey and cloudy, and then found out that there was a special even that night, and we were getting kicked out early- After we had paid the thirty Soles entrance. So we were a little more rushed than I would have like to be, but it was still a lovely place to spend the afternoon exploring the tiny, pastel painted alleyways of the mostly complex and I was lucky enough to sneak a few extra minutes after the lights came on to catch some almost night shots.

Santa Catalina Monastery

Claustro Mayor, or Main Cloister at Santa Catalina Monastery

Back out on the streets I was still itching to get my night photo fix, so I headed to the Plaza de Armas to set up my tripod there… I was only able to get one single exposure before they turned the lights out on the whole square, leaving the cathedral which was beautifully lit just minutes before dark in front of my lens! It was a slightly frustrating evening to say the least, but I was still able to collect a few shots which I am happy with. Plus, I was able to appease myself with loads of salty Chifa and a carafe of deliciously sweet corn Chica de Maize Morado to ease the defeat.

Plaza de Armas at night, Arequipa, Peru

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